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Is palm oil bad for my health?

When eaten as part of a healthy diet, processed foods made using palm oil (such as bouillons, fried noodles, doughs, chocolate coatings or ice cream) typically make only a small contribution to our daily intake of saturated fats and are not a health risk.

Nestlé has significantly reduced the amount of saturated fat in many of our products since adopting a corporate policy (pdf, 1.5Mb) on the issue in 2009.

Our 2020 objective is to reduce saturated fats by 10% in Nestlé products that do not meet strict nutritional standards. This to support the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation that only 10% of calories in our diet should come from saturated fats.

To our critics sometimes it might not look as if we’re moving fast enough to make our products healthier, but we need to get the process right. People want their food to be healthy and enjoyable.

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