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Workplace safety and health

Healthier employees can be expected to be more resilient, happier, more engaged and to demonstrate higher performance and productivity.

Our commitment

Advocate for healthy workplaces and healthier employees

Why it matters

Our purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future starts with our employees. We hope to inspire our employees to take personal responsibility for their health and safety, knowing their risks, making informed decisions and choosing to live and work in a healthy and safe way.

Our approach

Our approach toward employees’ health is holistic, including physical and mental health dimensions and addressing both work- and non-work-related aspects of health. We have a clear framework for employee health globally, which helps us structure and focus existing efforts, promote proven practices and guide future developments. Going beyond, our approach to employee wellbeing puts the employee at the center of our engagement. We are evolving toward an integrated approach expected to include other dimensions of wellbeing going forward.

What we are doing

We’re creating a safer and healthier workplace.

By 2020

Offer our employees education, early screening and programs that support healthier lifestyle choices.

Our result: Know Your Numbers program was made available to 87 408 employees, in 40 countries so far.

By 2020

Continue leading through industry forums.

Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future starts with each of us

At Nestlé, the health of our employees is an important part of living our purpose. We understand that a healthier workplace is a happier and more productive one. The Nestlé Framework for Employee Health (launched in 2015) supports employee health through three pillars:


‘Learn’ helps employees enhance their health knowledge and become passionate about nutrition, health and wellness


‘Feel’ helps employees access information about their own health; and


‘Choose’ hopes to inspire them to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Linked to this is the Safety and Health Roadmap, which sets out our strategic vision and focuses on four priorities: everyone engaged; key risks managed; our passion for nutrition, health and wellness; and management processes.

Some of what we accomplished as part of the roadmap between 2016 and 2018 includes:

  • Implementing safe driving standards across our markets, and launching a company-wide communication campaign on safe driving that lasted until the end of 2018.
  • Improving our comprehensive and systematic approach to machinery safety, including machine guarding and safe methods of intervention.
  • Integrating our Slips, Trips and Falls guidelines and toolkit into other safety and health programs, and focusing on near-miss slips, trips and falls with high potential severity.
  • Implementing the Nestlé Occupational Health and Safety Management System beyond manufacturing sites into all field sales activities and all offices. In 2018, 93% of eligible staff were covered.
  • In 2018, we renewed all our standards and procedures to ensure we focus on what’s important and allow local flexibility on addressing risks.

All told, we fulfilled the expectations of our Safety and Health Roadmap 2016–2018 and we are now?developing a new roadmap for the next three years. As we enrich our understanding of health and safety, this roadmap will bring more sharply defined objectives toward our ambition to establish health and safety as a shared personal value for everyone by winning hearts and minds.

Both the framework and the roadmap define our global approach, allowing for local customization around the world.

Promoting healthy living in the workplace

Our strategic roadmap identifies four focus areas for health: ergonomics, healthy diets, stress and resilience, and fatigue and working hours. Ninety-seven percent of our markets have a health and wellness program in place to manage health issues.

In 2018, we continued the implementation of our Know Your Numbers program, designed to help us better understand our employees’ health profile and the impact of health on productivity so we can build evidence-based interventions. A total of 36 265 employees in 28 markets in 40 countries have participated to date. The program’s findings also indicate that health awareness is a priority area to be focused on in future activities.

Our Stress and Resilience program helps build personal resilience through customized training and tools for specific audiences, including all employees, human resource business partners (HRBPs), and line managers and senior management. In 2018 we trained 694 HRBPs and 362 employee health champions and safety and health managers.

To continue building employee health capability within the organization, 12 expert-led webinars involving 489 participants were held in 2018, covering topics such as health strategy, the Know Your Numbers program, stress and resilience, and #HealthyLives.

Our 2018 Safety & Health Awards

Our Safety & Health Awards allow us an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our people. They also enable markets to learn from each other and get recognition for their achievements.

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