Hevi-lift hoists

Confidence from experience

The Hevi-lift hoist has a history over 80 years?and is widely used in the nuclear industry. It is known for its?long life, quiet operation, superior strength and quality.

Safe and compliant

The Hevi-lift hoist makes a perfect choice for nuclear?containment as it is made out of materials suitable for?all reactor types. Hevi-lift hoists are manufactured with a?minimum amount of deleterious materials, such as aluminium?and zinc. The Hevi-lift hoist is also available as a NUREG-0554?compliant single-failure-proof model.

Globally qualified

Hevi-lift has been designed according to the latest global?crane standards such as EN and ASME. It is also applicable?with global nuclear standards such as KTA 3902 and ASME?NOG-1.

A versatile hoist

Hevi-lift hoists are used in various applications throughout?a nuclear power facility; from standard lifts to safety-related,?highly critical lifts.

Hevi-lift applications

  • Polar crane
  • Fuel machine
  • Spent fuel machine
  • Containment hatch hoist
  • Cask crane
  • Turbine crane
  • Transfer crane
  • Upender hoist
  • Rad waste crane
  • Pump house crane
  • General maintenance
  • Dry well hoist
  • Inverter on hoist, trolley and bridge motions
  • IP / NEMA rated cubicles and motors
  • Mechanical load brake
  • Minimal zinc and aluminium
  • Ultimate block-operated limit switch
  • Standard quality ISO 9001:2008
  • Single-failure-proof model
  • Nuclear containment grade paint
  • Halogen free cabling and wiring
  • 2-speed motors and controls
  • Manual hoist or trolley operation
  • UL electrics and controls
  • Seismic qualification
  • Nuclear quality ASME NQA-1 or 10CFR50 App. B