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Facts and figures

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Our performance

2019 was another year of strong progress. Key operating and financial metrics improved significantly for a second consecutive year. Our organic growth reached 3.5%. Real internal growth accelerated to 2.9% for the full year, the highest level in the last six years. Profitability improved again to reach our guided range one year ahead of plan. Cash flow was strong, while underlying earnings per share and returns to shareholders reached record levels. Here is a summary of the results achieved during the year.

Group sales (in CHF)

92.6 billion

Organic growth *

3.5 %

Real internal growth *

2.9 %

Underlying trading operating profit* (in CHF)

16.3 billion

Underlying trading operating profit margin?*

17.6 %

Underlying trading operating profit margin?*

+ 60 Basis points

Trading operating profit?* (in CHF)

13.7 billion

Trading operating profit margin?*

14.8 %

Trading operating profit margin?*

- 40 Basis points

Earnings per share (in CHF)


Earnings per share

+ 28 %

Underlying earnings per share?*

+ 11.1 %

Operating cash flow (in CHF)

15.8 billion

Free cash flow?* (in CHF)

11.9 billion

Proposed dividend (in CHF)


Proposed dividend increase

+ 10.2 %

* Financial performance measures not defined by IFRS.

AOA: Zone Asia, Oceania and sub?Saharan Africa | EMENA: Zone Europe, Middle East and North Africa | AMS: Zone Americas


Our commitments

We have made number of public commitments to guide our action. We actively keep track of and publicly disclose our progress in achieving these commitments.

For individuals and families

> 1300
27.2 million
185.4 billion
2.76 billion

For our communities

211.9 million
70 %
> 24500

For the planet

34 %
31 %
41 %

The Annual Report contains our Annual Review including Creating Shared Value highlights, the Corporate Governance & Compensation Reports and our Financial Statements